General FAQ

FAQ When preview income tax report, Income Tax CP 8D, figures show in Bilangan pekerja-pekerja yang disenaraikan di atas dan dalam lembaran tambahan and Bilangan pekerja lain are not accurate.
FAQ I had entered data in PCB Receipts but it did not show in the report.
FAQ I will keep my payroll transaction date in AutoCount Payroll from May 2008 onwards. How do I maintain my data for previous 4 months?
FAQ How to adjust EPF rate in AutoCount Payroll when government had made latest announce?
FAQ How to enter data in Section F of Income Tax EA report (Butiran Pembayaran Tunggakan dan Lain-lain bagi tahun-tahun terdahulu (Sebelum tahun semasa))?
FAQ Can government reports printed from AutoCount Payroll be submitted to government departments as official form?
FAQ How to create and edit bonus setting in AutoCount Payroll?
FAQ We have new employee and would like to change employee structure. Can we change employee number?
FAQ Can we import data from Excel and thumb print machine to AutoCount Payroll?

Pre-Sales FAQ

FAQ What can AutoCount Payroll do for us?
FAQ What make AutoCount Payroll different from other payroll software?
FAQ Can AutoCount Payroll run in Windows Vista?
FAQ How long it takes to complete AutoCount Payroll training?